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Teacher Feature

Teacher Feature

Protect and Preserve


Students will use the Denali National Park and Preserve quarter to understand the importance of subsistence living.


Using the coin zoom feature, have your students study the Denali National Park and Preserve quarter design.  (You get to the coin zoom feature by choosing any lesson plan on the America the Beautiful Quarters® Program lesson plans page.) 

As a class, discuss the design, emphasizing the Dall sheep with Mount McKinley rising in the background.  Read the November Coin of the Month to see the coin and learn more.

As a class, discuss the terms "preserve" and "subsistence living" and record on chart paper.

Have the students work in groups to research how Alaskans have used the land's natural resources to stay alive both today and 12,000 years ago.  Invite the students to compare Alaskan subsistence living in the present and the past through a graphic organizer.

As a class, predict how Alaskans may use subsistence living to preserve natural resources for future generations.  Record the student responses on chart paper.  Using available classroom resources and class discussions, have the students create a written and illustrated summary of their findings.

Make a Connection

Visit the America the Beautiful Quarter Day in the Classroom page that features Denali National Park and Preserve for more activities.

Invite your students to learn more about the unique features of Alaska's geography and natural resources through lesson plans based on the America the Beautiful Quarters® Program.  The 2012 lesson plans for grades K through 12 are available online to download for free.

Also, be sure to invite your students to play our newest America the Beautiful game, "Triple Play."  In this game, students will learn to build the designs on the 2012 quarters from memory.

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