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Teacher Feature

Teacher Feature

International Importance


Students will use the Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial quarter to learn about Commander Perry and the International Peace Memorial.


Read the March Coin of the Month to learn about Commander Perry and the International Peace Memorial.  As a class, discuss unique features of this memorial.  Record the student responses on chart paper.

Using available online and classroom resources, have the students research details of the International Peace Memorial, accomplishments of Commander Perry, and key events of the Battle of Lake Erie.  Invite the students to work in groups and use a graphic organizer to illustrate and record their findings.  Have the students create a script highlighting an aspect of their research, then perform their script as a park ranger might deliver a living history demonstration (in character for the period).

Make a Connection

Do you know that we have a collection of lesson plans based on the America the Beautiful Quarters® Program for educators and students to enjoy?  Lesson plans for grades K through 12 are available online for free.  Be sure to use this program to explore the rich history of our national sites with your students.

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