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Teacher Feature

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Students will research and present details from the 1926 Sesquicentennial half dollar.


Have your students study the 1926 Sesquicentennial half dollar design.  Read the July Coin of the Month to learn more. 

As a class, discuss the obverse and reverse designs, emphasizing the details of the images.  Tell the students that the obverse features the profiles of first U.S. President George Washington and then-President Calvin Coolidge.  The reverse image features the image of the Liberty Bell.  As a class, discuss the details and historical background of the Liberty Bell.

Write the definition of "sesquicentennial" (relating to a period of 150 years) on chart paper and discuss as a class.

Divide the class in half.  Tell the students they will be researching one of the presidents featured on the1926 Sesquicentennial half dollar.  Assign George Washington to half of the students and Calvin Coolidge to the other.  Using the available online and classroom resources, have the students find information on the Presidents' lives, including current events and their accomplishments as president.  Have the students record their findings on chart paper.

Discuss the students' findings.  Have the students use a graphic organizer to compare the presidents and write a summary.

As an extension, have the students research historical facts about the Liberty Bell and other coins that feature it.

Make a Connection

Have students learn about the 1926 Independence Sesquicentennial quarter eagle with the July 2012 Coin of the Month and its related Teacher Feature, Hall of History.

Have students learn about the Continental Dollar, made in 1776, presented as the July 2002 Coin of the Month and the related Teacher Feature, Name That Coin.

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