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Teacher Feature

Teacher Feature

A Timeline of Monumental Men


Students will use the Mount Rushmore National Memorial quarter to understand historical research and sequence events. 


Display the Mount Rushmore National Memorial quarter coloring page to show details of the coin image.  Tell the students that the quarter's design was inspired by photos of workers adding the final details to Thomas Jefferson's face on Mount Rushmore. 

Display the November Coin of the Month and read it as a class. 

Divide the class into small groups.  Assign to each group a specific area to research (key people, South Dakota and the Black Hills geography, geology and granite, Presidents, current events). 

Using available online and classroom resources, have the students research the creation of Mount Rushmore from planning to completion. Discuss the research findings as a class. 

Have the class use their research findings to create an illustrated timeline.  Display the timeline in the classroom.   Have the students write summary statements based on their research and class discussions. 

As an extension, use the timeline as a starting point for additional lessons about Mount Rushmore. 

Make a Connection

Have your students learn more about Mount Rushmore, the job of the President, branches of government and Presidential accomplishments with the South Dakota quarter lesson plans released in 2006. 

Be sure to use all the America the Beautiful Quarters® Program lesson plans to explore the rich history of the states and of other national sites with your students.  There are more than 65 of these free downloadable lesson plans for grades K through 12. 

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