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Lesson Plans for Grades K-12 - Including Common Core and National Standards
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A Homegrown Budget
Grades 2–3
Math, Social Studies
Students will describe the life of a Western homestead settler in the 1800s. Students will use addition and subtraction to calculate a budget.

Who’s Who
Grades 4–6
Art, Language Arts, Social Studies, Technology
Students will identify influential individuals and groups of people who participated in the Battles of Saratoga and understand their involvement with the battles. Students will describe how natural resources in Saratoga, New York, affected the Battles of Saratoga.

Rebirth of the Longleaf Pine Forests
Grades 4–6
Language Arts, Science, Technology
Students will explore the history of Longleaf pine forests. Students will investigate methods of conservation used in forest ecosystems.

Homestead Narratives
Grades 7–8
Language Arts, Social Studies, Technology
Students will identify groups of people who settled new lands as a result of the Homestead Act of 1862, analyze their motives for moving, and write in a variety of forms with an emphasis on narration.

Fact Checking History
Grades 9–12
Art, Language Arts, Social Studies
Students will be able to describe the significance of the Battles of Saratoga using primary and secondary sources. Students will explain the importance of using multiple primary sources to become an informed citizen.

Newest lesson plansNEW

Courageous Builders
Grades K–1
Language Arts, Social Studies

Building America
Grades 2–3
Language Arts, Social Studies

Touching Sky: Through Tradition and Words
Grades 4–6
Language Arts

I Am Steel
Grades 7–8
Drama, Language Arts, Social Studies, Technology

Code Talkers Recognition Act
Grades 6–8
Art, Language Arts, Social Studies, Technology

Top rated lesson plansTOP RATED

  1. Using Guess, Check and Revise
    Grades 3–5
  2. Ben Franklin Half Dollar
    Grades K–7
    Language Arts, Art, Social Studies, Technology
  3. Many Happy Returns
    Grade 4
    Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Technology
  4. Turtles are Terrific!
    Grades K–1
    Art, Science, Social Studies
  5. Going to the Grocery Store
    Grades K–2
    Math, Science