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Lesson Plans for Grades K-12 - Including Common Core and National Standards
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Why is Roosevelt on the Dime?
Grades 3–5
Social Studies, Language Arts
Students will use a variety of reference resources to research the life of Franklin Roosevelt. From this research, they will determine why his image was chosen to appear on the dime.

Many Happy Returns
Grade 4
Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Technology
Students will make connections between the past and the present and compare the Journey of Lewis and Clark with the space flight of Apollo 11. Students will be able to sequence events in history using a timeline. Students will be able to use the writing process to write a persuasive essay.

Neither Wind Nor Rain
Grades 4–6
Students will understand the effects of wind and water on landforms in the Badlands and elsewhere.

Layer by Layer
Grades 4–6
Students will identify the process by which the Grand Canyon was formed and identify the different geological materials that comprise the various layers of the Grand Canyon.

Explosive Ideas!
Grades 4–6
Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Art
Students will describe and demonstrate ways the Earth’s layers interact to cause changes in the Earth’s surface. They will explore volcanoes and earthquakes and their effects. They will present an argument using research.

Newest lesson plansNEW

A Little Birdie Told Me: Everglades National Park
Grades K–1
Art, Language Arts, Science

Let's Go Birding!: Everglades National Park
Grades 4–6
Art, Science, Social Studies

Mountain Museum: Shenandoah National Park
Grades 2–3
Art, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies

Hiking Proportions: Shenandoah National Park
Grades 7–8
Language Arts, Math, Technology

Contact Without Impact: Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Grades 9–12
Language Arts, Math, Science, Technology

Top rated lesson plansTOP RATED

  1. Influenced by History
    Grades 4–6
    Language Arts, Math, Social Studies
  2. National Sites Slide Show
    Grades 4–6
    Language Arts
  3. Picture of Peace
    Grades 7–8
    Art, Language Arts, Social Studies