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Spell Check—Live!

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Using information on the H.I.P. Pocket Change™ Web site, students create vocabulary words and a spelling exercise, done either online or offline.

Coin Type(s)

  • None

Coin Program(s)

  • Generic


Students will practice dictionary skills and learn to spell coin-related words.

Major Subject Area Connections

  • Language Arts


  • Third grade
  • Fourth grade
  • Fifth grade
  • Sixth grade
  • Seventh grade
  • Eighth grade

Class Time

Sessions: One
Session Length: 30-45 minutes
Total Length: 0-45 minutes


  • Whole group
  • Pairs
  • Individual work

Terms and Concepts




Bookmark targeted sites

  1. Have your students read one of the historical stories from the Time Machine on the H.I.P. Pocket Change(TM) Web site. They can read it online or you can print and copy a story for each student.
  2. Have the students read the Time Machine story.
  3. Divide the students into teams of two. Ask them to use the story to create a vocabulary list of 10 or more terms. Then have them look each word up in the dictionary and write down its meaning.
  4. Have each student create a version of the vocabulary list where each word is intentionally misspelled. Encourage them to create realistic and challenging misspellings.
  5. Have the students swap lists with their partners. Ask them to correct the lists, checking their corrected answers in the dictionary.
  6. Have the students return the corrected lists to their partners for proofreading.
  7. Hold a classroom-wide spelling bee. You may want to create coin prizes for the winners.


  • Have students use their vocabulary lists in other exercises. For example, have them alphabetize the list, use the words in sentences, find synonyms, or clap out the number of syllables in each word.
  • Use the vocabulary list in classroom games. For example, students could play hangman-type games, or they could participate in contests to see which team of students can list the most coin-related words within five minutes, or some other set time period.
  • Use the coin words in the Glossary (also found on the H.I.P. Pocket Change site) to create additional spelling and vocabulary activities.
  • Ask students to investigate the origin of the coin terms and to find out what language each term's root word is derived from.

Check the lists to determine how accurately the students were able to correct the misspelled words and determine which words their partners had not corrected.

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